Saturday, February 28, 2009

Menu Plan Monday ~ March 2, 2009


Monday: Chicken Stir Fry....Fried Potatoes

Tuesday: Lasagna...Salad...Veggie

Wednesday: Chicken w/Rice Casserole...Veggie

Thursday: Leftover Buffet

Friday: Mac N Cheese Casserole...Salad

Saturday: No clue!!!!!

Sunday: Homemade Veggie Soup...Baked Potatoes

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm gonna get some stuff organized...woohoo...

Not that I'm messy or anything, but I do need to organized some of those 'kicked to the curb' areas desk....etc. I'm going to try to follow this little plan that org junkie has going. If you click on the picture you'll see what I'm talking about.

Organizing Blog
Keep an eye out for my before and after pictures....coming soon!!!

Tips for checking your saddle in Spring......and periodically throughout the year...

(This information comes from a member on one of the boards I belong to.)

1. Before you put your saddle on your horse's back, check that the tree is in good shape. The way I do this is to put the saddle between my knees and, holding it on either side, close to the pommel at the very front of the saddle, squeeze the sides together firmly. There shouldn't be any movement. If there is, or if you hear a grinding, it indicates a weakness in the tree, or framework, of the saddle, that can seriously damage your horse's back if you continue to ride on it. No saddle with a broken tree should ever be used on a horse.

2. If the tree passes muster, continue your check by looking at the bars of the saddle, where your stirrups attach. Make sure the bar on each side is secure and that no rivets are working loose. Get physical with it, wiggle it and pull firmly on the stirrup leathers.

3. Next look under the flaps and check for weak stitching on the girth billets (those straps that your girth attaches to).This is probably one of the most important checks you can make as far as your own safety goes!

I got a Friend Award.....Yeah me !!!!!!!!!!

Yep my wonderful awesome blogger friend Carol from over in the other blogging world selected me as one of her best-est blogging friends.....She's so sweet.......Click on her name and check out her blog.....she's a lot like me (now I will let you decide whether or not that's a good thing.....hehe) Just kidding she's way cool. We sort of know each other personally too, she boards her horse at the same barn that Cindy (the woman I bought Danny from 2 years ago) boarded Danny and her other horse....don't know that ones name sorry.......It's nice that we can all connect in a way and keep in touch and she can also see Danny's progress in life! Well anyway, here's my cool Friend Award! Thanks again Carol!

Oh yeah and, you and Cindy should take the boys out for a ride together guys could even come over where I keep Danny, there's 9 miles of trails mostly wooded and no road riding at all. Let me know! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New plans for the garden this year.....Square Foot Gardening

I'm very excited about the garden this year. Planning on doing something totally new with it. It's called Square Foot Gardening! I'm planning to have three boxes, all 4' x 12'.

What is SFG:

Square Foot Gardening is a uniquely simplified method of gardening that produces 100% of the harvest in only 20% of the space -- AND -- without all the hard work and drudgery of single row gardening.

I also plan to grow strawberries this year too....again something new for me! I am going to build two strawberry pyramids that will each be 31 inches in total. Each pyramid will hold approximately 50 plants, so I will have 100 plants in total. Here is a picture of the pyramid I am going to build. Yummy Strawberries! Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm

I can't wait until next month so I can start working on all of this new stuff....soooo exciting!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hinder / Motley Crue concert...... son is such a sweetie.....he's at the concert right now in Green Bay and Hinder is playing......what does he do? He calls me (his mom) and lets me listen to my 2 favorite songs (Lips of an Angel and Better Than Me) through his cell phone. Awwwww my boy loves me....! I'm really surprised he thought of mom while he was there! I musta raised him right after all! hehe I'm still so jealous, I wanted to go to that concert too. He's a lucky kid, a friend he works with gave him the other ticket that he got for Christmas.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

It was a good day....I got a dozen red roses and a nice card....Took a drive out to Coyotes in Neenah to get some jeans and the pieces I needed for my some awesome new perfume from there too......found some new riding boots I want and of course I could have gone nuts in there buying everything but I controlled myself the afternoon I ended up playing taxi for Chelsea and her (so called) boyfriend, his cousin and her friend....they went to go see a was pretty cute though, the boys got both the girls roses and Chelsea also got a teddy bear......Brandon took his girlfriend Staci to a movie and then just hung out.......he got her flowers, candy and a teddy bear......I made Tenderloin Steak for Jim and the girls and Snow Crab Legs with melted butter and garlic for me....( was really good) Ended the evening playing a few games of Sorry with Lindsay.......woohoo I won two out of three games!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The breed of horse I would like to get.....

Kentucky Rocky Mountian Horse....They're just beautiful.....


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wow......Cranky Cranky Cranky....Vent Post !

Well holy bad day......on top of being bummed for the last few days I go to get the taxes done after work and it's gonna cost almost $400.00.....HOLY $#@% was my first reaction.....I used to do my own taxes and I think I'm going to start doing them again and save myself $'s a frickin rip off in a by the time we're done doing that it's getting late so of course supper is going to be messed we say forget it and decide to order a pizza.....well here I am still with an attitude going on about getting ripped at the tax place so I order the pizza with onions and pineapple on half and sausage on the other half.....well guess what...I love onions and green peppers but for the last few years every time I eat them I get a nasty stomach ache a few hours after.......sooooooo I guess I just topped my day off wonderfully now didn't I. Oh well....chew a handful of the net for a while....go to bed and hope to make tomorrow better than today!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WooHoo...busy busy fun weekend for me.....

Going to the Otter Street Fishery here in town on Saturday. A friend from work is racing a motorcycle on the ice, so a few of us from work are going to go watch....I've been to the fishery before (years ago) but never bothered to watch the races they have.....hehe.....just went for the party at that age! This should be interesting though....I have never seen ice races. It's supposed to be pretty warm though I hope the ice will know me....HATE TO BE ON ICE......this won't be that bad though since it's right off shore....not like way out in the middle of the lake or anything.....if that were the case I would not be going! I'm sure I will still be nervous but a couple beers in and I should get over it.!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Yippy Back To Work ...

Well back to least as normal as it gets anyways. Today was my first day back to work and it felt like it had been forever...even though it was only 3 days...lame life huh? hehe j/k.... It was nice to get back there and talk with coworkers......even made plans to go out after work Friday......coworkers birthday celebration....a bunch of us from work are going.....nothing major just a few drinks at a bar close to work on the way home. It should be fun I could really use some time out with friends....been a bit bummed lately and can't quite figure out why. Been having a lot of stresses with finances but they're really not that's not like we're going under or anything but I seem to be really stressed about it all. Oh is what you make of it right? Right! Oh Lordy Lordy now I sound like my mother and grandmother! Maybe it's more than just the bills.....who knows! I think I just need warm weather so I can spend more time with Danny ..... my boy always helps when I'm down.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A little groundwork on a nice day...

Finally got to actually do something with Danny's was about 35 degrees outside so it was really nice ito be able to do some groundwork in the indoor...We had a lot of fun...surprisingly he didn't forget much in the last month or so...we figured out that he likes Pepsi too (there are pictures I posted that show him trying to get a sip)...that adds to the list of Trix cereal and Skittles far as people foods he loves.