Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What our horses teach us...

When you are tense, let me teach you to relax.

When you are short sighted, let me teach you to see.

When you are short short tempered, let me teach you to be patient.

When you are quick to react, let me teach you to be thoughtful.

When you are angry, let me teach you to be serene.

When you feel superior, let me teach you to be respectful.

When you are self-absorbed, let me teach you to think of greater things.

When you are arrogent, let me teach you humility.

When you are lonely, let me be your companion.

When you are tired, let me carry the load.

When you need to learn, let me teach you.

Afterall, I am your horse.

And now for the REAL story....

When you are tense, let me teach you that there are dragons in the forest and we need to leave NOW!

When you are short-sighted, let me teach you to figure out where exactly in the 40 acres I am hiding.

When you are short-tempered, let me teach you how to slog around the pasture for an hour before you can catch me.

When you are quick to react, let me teach you that herbivores kick MUCH faster than omnivores.

When you are angry, let me teach you how well I can stand on my hind feet, because I don't FEEL like cantering on my right lead today, that's why.

When you are worried, let me entertain you with my mystery lameness, GI complaint and skin disease.

When you feel superior, let me teach you that, mostly, you are the maid service.

When you are self-absorbed, let me teach you to PAY ATTENTION. I told you about those dragons in the forest.

When you are arrogent, let me teach you what 1200 lbs of yipee-yahoo-gotta-go horse can do when suitably inspired.

When you are lonely, let me be your companion. Let's do lunch. Breakfast and dinner sound good, too.

When you are tired, don't forget about the 600 lbs of grain that needs to be unloaded.

When you are feeling financially secure, let me teach you the meaning of "veterinary services".

When you need to learn, hang around the barn, Bud, I'll learn ya. :-)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Look what I got from my secret santa.......

We did a little secret santa gift exchange on one of my horsey groups and I got this necklace....It's really cool....neat how it's my two favorite colors too....pink and black.....and I never even mentioned that I like those colors together.

Bad picture of me, but cute necklace huh? :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bummed out re: Holiday Parade this year! :(

We're not going to be in it as planned for all this time now.....and I was sooooo prepared! Grrrrrrr.....anyway, my children informed me that they don't want to do it! Well Chelsea has a "sort of" mandatory soccer mtg that same night, which doesn't bother me besides the fact that she went off on me about needing to be there this time and not go to the one that's in March (which is the same thing and is put in place so in case you missed this one you can go to that one) I knew she wasn't real interested in the parade anyways, but Lindsay I thought really was into going and riding in and just being in the holiday parade....I mean come on, not just anybody can be in it you know. It's a cool thing, dern it!!! Well, yep I asked her straight up last night if she wanted to still do it and if so I would figure out a way to still do it and she said, "ya know mom, I don't really want to. I don't want to ride him and I'm too short for people to see if I just walked him so, no I don't want to"! I guess I really need to stop trying to live life through or for my kids. Gatta face it, they just don't have the same interests in the horse that I do.......I would have thought a kid would think it was great that they could ride their very own horse in the town holiday parade. Hummmm guess not!

I would take him myself but as stated above.....I have "mandatory" soccer meeting I must be at......so not only can I not be in it we can't even go watch it if we wanted to! Schools these days! I tell ya! Huh.....ok I think I'm done venting and feeling sorry for myself. :) I will feel better after I spend my quality riding time with Danny tonight!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good Mornin'...

...and welcome to yet another wonderful year of 4-H fun! (yeah I know, I'm about 2 weeks late with this...oops been busy) We are all signed up for and ready to dive into our projects this year. We are setting a goal this year, to keep up on the record books throughout the year instead of waiting until the last minute or not doing one at all. This year we had a little change with the bylaws in the club, everyone is now required to turn in a record book at the end of the year...they can be minimal but our goal is to make them phenominal. =) Ok maybe that's asking too much right away but they will be more than minimal that's for sure!

Chelsea is signed up for the Horse Project and Photography again. And Lindsay is signed up for Horse, Photography, Foods & Nutrition (canning) & Exploring.

...stay tuned for further updates (I will keep this updated more often too)

Have a wonderful day!
(I know I will, I get my bonus at work today....wooohoooo yay me!)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mmmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmm.....

My house smells so good right now.......baked Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Homemade Apple Pie! Yummy...


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Business is booming...(sort of)

So far so good! I have a few new suppliers for my ecommerce business (online Tack shop). If anyone is interested just click this link LCL Tack -N- More !

Monday, September 21, 2009

My legs are killin me.....

Ok yesterday Lindsay and I go out to the barn.......I was supposed to meet Allison to trail ride but things got messed up and Lindsay ended up coming with me to the barn....ok, no big deal we can still do the trail ride.....Lindsay can ride and I will walk along side holding Danny.........yeah ummmmm do you have any idea what it feels like to walk 2 miles through plowed corn fields........oh my word I thought I was gonna fall over dead half way through....poor little Lindsay felt so bad for me.....she kept saying, "Just breathe mom, we're almost there" lol Wow won't be doing that again!!! Good exercise but really hard on the legs when you're not used to it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

BAD night at the barn...

Went out to the barn with the intention of seeing how Danny would do if Lindsay and I rode him double. I want to get Lindsay out on a trail ride this year yet and she's not ready to go on her own......Well I got on then Lindsay got on, we just sat there for a few minutes so he could get used to the new situation, started to walk off and proceeded to walk around the indoor arena (sand is a softer landing then ground), we walked for about 15 mins and there was no problems at all......then out of the blue Danny starts bucking, just a few harsh crow hops, no full blown bucks or anything, I spin him in a tight circle to stop this behavior while Lindsay is desperately clinging to me from behind. Once he stops I hold him in a tight bend so that he can't buck anymore.....have Lindsay get off because I had no idea if he was then going to go into full blown bucking....so she slides down off him and I stay on to show him that he can't get away with that sort of crap....I ride off just walking and the little crapper starts doing it again with just me on him.....now there is no way he's hurting or anything because there is no saddle on just the bareback pad......well I ride through it and stop on the next 'good note'........whew survived my little YeeHaw moment......well we didn't plan on staying long and the mosquitoes were getting bad so we take him in his stall, brush him down, do our routine babying before we leave......and last as always give him a couple treats......well Danny isn't exactly gentle when taking treats so you have to be careful so he doesn't mistake your fingers for a treat......Lindsay wants to give him a treat......so the way we do it with her because her fingers are so little I will hold the ends of her fingers and bend her hand downward while the treat rests in the palm of her hand and he takes the treat......WELL that didn't go as well as it has in the past.....Danny got my hand right at the bottom of my thumb, clamped right onto the bone.....not sure yet but I believe it may be fractured......hurts really bad, is starting to turn colors and is slightly swollen..(yes I've had ice on it all night)...I can move it but it hurts real bad when I do.......Needless to say, it's a good thing I'm not left handed! Wowza.....talk about a rough evening of fun riding. =)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top 10 ways to become a better equestrian...these are good....hehehe....

10. Drop a heavy steel object on your foot. Don't pick it up right away. Shout, "Get off, Stupid, GET OFF!"

9. Leap out of a moving vehicle and practice "relaxing into the fall." Roll lithely into a ball and spring to your feet.

8. Learn to grab your checkbook out of your purse and write out a $200 check without even looking down.

7. Jog long distances carrying a halter and a carrot. Go ahead and tell the neighbors what you are doing - they might as well know now.

6. Affix a pair of reins to a moving freight train and practice pulling to a halt. Smile as if you are having fun.

5. Hone your fibbing skills: "See honey, moving hay bales is FUN!" and "No, really, I'm glad your lucky performance and multimillion dollar horse won the blue ribbon. I am just thankful that my hard work and actual ability won me second place."

3. Borrow the US Army's slogan: Be All That You Can Be -- bitten, thrown, kicked, slimed, trampled, frozen...

2. Lie face down in a puddle of mud in your most expensive riding clothes and repeat to yourself, "This is a learning experience, this is a learning experience, this is ..."


Marry money!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

......we survived the first day of school...(morning anyways)

Yep believe it or not everyone was happy with their outfits and hair....no one got up late....all went very

well......Lindsay even had time to watch Spongebob while mom did her hair!

Monday, August 31, 2009

We are prepared for the first day of school.......

Whew.....finally the girls are happy with what they have for the first day of school! Wow.....teenagers.......jeepers I swear I was no where ever near like that when I was a teenager. They are just not happy with much of anything! Anyways....we are ready....outfits are out and de-wrinkled....showers are done......curling irons are out and ready for morning......fingernails are freshly painted......and nerves are rattling......we are all good! LOL.......now lets see if we can all survive the first day of school......I feel sort of bad for Chelsea, she's having to start high school....she doesn't show it but I know she's nervous......I was.


Ooooo it's a bit chilly this morning.......feels good though.....nice change! Of course, tell that to my wardrobe ! Dakota is lovin' it......geee must be the huskey in him...lol.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I love this weather...

Today was just about perfect for riding.....Lindsay and I had a great time......tomorrow is supposed to be the same if not even better....I can't wait to go riding again.....I really need to find a saddle soon though my hinder is gettin a bit sore with just the bareback pad.....!

Friday, August 21, 2009

OMG I'm selling my most favorite horsey thing ever.....

Money is getting tight these days and I figure I can just rebuy it again when I can afford it again! Anyway, here it is ...... Clinton Anderson 22' Mecate Reins with Dark Oil Slobber Straps....these were used like maybe 5 times and only once out on the trails.

I know I'm crazy but I'm letting these go on eBay starting at $89.00....yes I paid a lot more than that for them.......Happy bidding here's a link to them http://tinyurl.com/CAMecateRein

PS: Just so you know these things are awesome!!!!! :o)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lots of stuff for sale....

Ok.......I'm breaking down and selling the 'horsey' stuff we either don't use, won't use again or just need to sell.....I will give you guys first crack at the stuff if interested.....I will be putting all items up on ebay next week...so let me know if there's something you might be interested in.

Western Show Bridle set with matching breast collar 40.00

Clinton Anderson Mecate Reins w/Dark Oil Slobber Straps 50.00 (This one is tough to part with....but I need the money)

2 Children's size 10 -12 ..... Purple / Pink both w/ rhinestones

5 Children's size 10 -12 Western show shirts....Pink / Purple / Tan/Sand slinky / 2 White 10.00 each

Halter/Bridle set w/reins -----Plain no bling...very nice...Amish made. 30.00

Buddy Stirrups ........ brown, new in the box still 18.00

That's it for now.......if I come up with anything else I will post it......if you want any pictures of anything just let me know.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fair 2009

They did wonderful......took second in Showmanship!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

2 days till vacation....woohoo can't wait

And only 5 days till fair!!!! :o) Yeah...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taking a break tonight....

Yep were gonna take a break from the barn tonight...really need to get some online work done.

This rain is sure nice....bout time.....my gardens needed it bad. I've gotten 4 cucumbers, a bunch of green beans and one tomato so far.....many more of all on the way. I can't wait until canning season. I am a bit upset though....I have no idea how I did this, but I completely missed strawberry picking! It's over now! Oh well, I guess there's always next year.....I've been super busy and super broke this year anyways. I'm actually surprised at how prepared we are for fair.

Well it will be back to the grindstone tomorrow - back to the barn every night until fair which starts in less then two weeks....eeeeekkkkkkkkkk.....hehe

Well that's all for now folks!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another good night riding...

Lindsay did very well once again......Chelsea rode a little while tonight too.....not too long, her legs were hurting from training this morning (volleyball)....I rode a while too...it felt great to be on him again....so much stress in my life lately, it's nice to know I have him as my out. Just smelling him seems to make everything all better!

Monday, July 13, 2009

4-H Potluck Meeting...Yum yum

It was fun! Girls didn't want to swim, Chelsea had been swimming all day already and Lindsay thought it was too cold to swim.

I got myself signed up to yet another responsibility at fair....lol.....oh well it's a fun one......me and three others are running the 'fun show' on Sunday of fair. Should be good, we even get to make our own show bill for it. Woohoo...

Most everything else as far as showing Danny is taken care of now....I ordered the shavings for the stall for the week....paid for everything that needed to be paid for....girls are signed up for the dipper and barn duty. Now we pretty much just need to get all their pictures taken care of and mounted. Yeahhhhhhhhhh most of the stress can now go away regarding fair! hehe....oh the things I get myself into!

Bye for now!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lindsay practicing for fair...

She did really good today....scared the life out of me and caused me to have even more grey hair because she was trotting with Danny and he decided he was just going to keep going and go even faster...she almost fell off.....but she did really good. I am very proud of her for not panicing and bringing him back under control.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Danny and Lindsay in their PJ's for fair...

Aren't they just the cutest...

This is the picture that will be on the stall door at fair this year! There is a theme and that's why they are both in their PJ's....it's just a secret. As usual the rest of the pictures are in the album...

Sunday, July 5, 2009


They were pretty good this year. Went on for about 45 mins. The girls and I walked down to the park and back (about 12 blocks). Tons of people down there at the carnival area. Wow...fireworks bring out all the creepy ones. Weather was great for it though.

Off to the barn for the day...tons of 4-H preparations to do with Danny and gonna try to get a little riding in too.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Country USA...

It starts tomorrow...we are going to see Taylor Swift! Hopefully the weather will hold off for us....should be fun!

Oh yeah DECORATIONS ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woohoo......this is a first for our club to have the fair decorations all done and still have a month before fair! Normally we're still scrambling at the last minute.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Big news....

Hello...I am very excited to announce that I will now be selling all of these lines in my eBay store LCL Tack -N- More http://tinyurl.com/lcltacknmore

images LBC_blklogo logo_main img-ariat_logo CowgirlHardware_S CowgirlUp

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last day of school...bring on summer...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh I now have a Senior, a Freshman (ekkk!) and a "Rule the School" 5th grader (she's very excited about this fact! lol....kids are so cute!)

I took the day off of work to go to the kids graduations....I'm a proud mama.

............shhhhhhhh then after the graduations I went fishing....caught a iddy bitty bass too, check it out I uploaded the pics.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Girls Night Out (well afternoon out)...

I took the girls to the spa and we got massages and pedicures and manicures then Chelsea and I got our eyebrows waxed! Chelsea has her 8th grade graduation on Wed this week and she wanted to get her nails done so I figured we would make it a girls 'afternoon' out! Lindsay just loved being pampered, Chelsea liked it but didn't think it was quite as cool as Lindsay did! She is very happy though, her nail color matches her dress perfectly!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quality time....

I spent some awesome quality time with Danny tonight. It was just me and Danny....we walked and talked (well, I talked anyways) and I brushed him down and we talked some more......we spent some time together just sitting out in the pasture too. It was really great and I so needed it! No kids...no issues...no work...no nothing, just me, Danny and a few frogs off in the distance! Life should be that good every day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

...and Mom got a bullhead...lol

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Memorial Day...

Lindsay had a blast fishing agian...she got a bass today! :o)

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