Monday, March 30, 2009

Having "Chubba" issues....'s the ordeal....I quit smoking approximately 6 weeks ago (yeah me.....I know) I definately know it's a really good thing that I quit My health will be better.....things already taste way different and breathing is better too....I am really really happy with myself for quitting! Just so thats understood! hehe.....I am happy I's a good thing!!!!!!!! I have usually weighed about 105 and never had more than skin over muscle on my tummy and now I have this little thick layer of whatever....fat I guess is what you'd call it....I flex and it's still's not bad like I think I'm overweight or's just that I'm not used to it AT ALL! Some days I like it and then some days I look in the mirror and wonder "It will stop right?" It's not only on my tummy it's actually everywhere (which is a good thing in some areas ) but it is spreading all over nicely...hehe!

Anyways.....I now weigh 123 which is quite a bit more than 105!

Ok......I think I'm done whinning about getting a little chubba now! It's just because I've stopped smoking and I guess I would rather be a little chubba then smoke!

I am Lisa....hear me roar!!!!! LOL Ok goodbye!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Very cool poem...

When your days seem out of balance And so many things go wrong; When people fight around you; And the days drag on so long...

When in-laws act like children, And you think, perhaps ‘Divorce?’ Go out into your pasture... Wrap your arms around your horse.

His gentle breath enfolds you, As he watches with those eyes... He may not have a Ph.D., But he is oh, so wise!

His head rests on your shoulder, You embrace him good and tight; He puts your world in balance, And makes it seem all right.

Your tears will soon stop flowing, Your tension it has now eased. The stress, it has been lifted You feel calm, quiet and at peace.

So if you need to find some balance From the circumstances of your day The best therapy we can seek… Is out there chomping hay!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I wanna go fishing...

I'm watching a Wisconsin fishing show and it's really making me want to go fishing. I can't wait to go. I love fishing. My favorite fish to catch are bass. They are sooo fun, jumpin' all over like they do. I have caught one northern in my lifetime. (I thought it was a big one and was told it was a 'big baby' and I had to throw it back) It was fun to fight though! I also caught a large mouth bass that was HUGE once, but it wasn't during the right season so my dad made me throw it back! (I cried) I was 10! I wanted to keep my big fish! I like to catch perch, crappie, bass, bull head (yes I like to catch them it's fun...not so fun to take them off the hook, that they usually swallow, but I like to catch them) ummmmmmm what else do I like to catch.....I think that's about it! At least that's all I can think of right now.

I also love to pick night crawlers in the garden and around the yard at night with the flash lights......too fun! It takes skill though, you can't just run up on them or pull too hard if you do grab them! Way awesome fun! Chelsea (girlie-girl of mine) isn't so into the whole worms thing but Lindsay (my little tomboy) ohhhhhh she is the best little night-crawler catcher there is! She's like her mama, she loves gettin' dirty.

We've never really gone anywhere big to fish so we've never really caught much more than pan fish.......I used to go camping up at Madeline Lake when I was a kid and I did take my kids there once a few years ago......that place is great! I would love to go there again! We usually just go here around town at the park or down in the river <---river is hard to do with little kids....I'm always afraid she's gonna fall in! Paranoid mom I know!

I can't wait to throw on some cutoffs, a tank top and flip-flops, grab my ugly stick and my matching ugly stick baseball hat <--it's so cool....hehe...(and the kids poles too of course) some sunblock, a cooler full of soda and sandwiches....oh yeah and the night-crawlers we picked.....jump in the truck and head out to the lake!

(Oh yeah....I caught a HUGE rainbow trout once too......I sort of cheated was at one of those streams that you pay to fish.......I caught it using a cane pole and a piece of corn.....the thing was 3 1/2 lbs. It was awesome!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday ~ On Sat. :)

Mon: Whole chicken in the crockpot <--Needs to be fast 4-H meeting

Tues: Tuna casserole with peas and salad

Wed: Pork chops in the crockpot with carrots and salad

Thurs: Leftover Night

Fri: What ever I decided that day

Sat: Beef roast with potatoes, veggie and salad

Sun: ??? Something I buy on Sat.

Friday, March 20, 2009

This is where I board Danny...

click here-----> Indian Summer Farms <-----click here

Thought I would throw this link out there for a little advertisement for the barn that I keep Danny.

They have a couple summer camps every year that are very informative and fun (the girls and I did this last year). The kids learn everything from ground up, brushing to riding.

For all you 4-Her's out there, this is a great way to get some of that experience in that you can add to your log books!

Check it out...'s pretty cool!

Oh if only horses could would be perfect in the horsey world! LOL

Dear Horse,

I love you very much, and I truly cherish your presence in my life. I would never wish to criticize you in any way. However, there are a few trivial details regarding our relationship that I think might bear your consideration.

First of all, I am already aware that horses can run faster than I can. I do not need you to demonstrate that fact each time I come to get you in from the field.

Please remember that I work long and hard to earn the money to keep you in the style to which you have become accustomed. In return, I think you should at least pretend to be glad to see me, even when I'm carrying a bridle instead of a bucket of feed.

It should be fairly obvious to you that I am a human being who walks on only two legs. I do not resemble a scratching post. Do not think that, when you rub your head against me with 1,000 pounds of force behind it, I believe that it wasn't your intention to send me flying. I am also aware that stomping on my toes while you are pushing me around is nothing but adding injury to insult.

I understand I cannot expect you to cover your nose when you sneeze, but it would be appreciated if you did not inhale large amounts of dirt and manure prior to aiming your sneezes at my face and shirt. Also, if you have recently filled your mouth with water you do not intend to drink, please let it all dribble from your mouth BEFORE you put your head on my shoulder. In addition, while I know you despise your worming medication, my intentions in giving it to you are good, and I really do not think I should be rewarded by having you spit half of it back out onto my shirt.

Sometimes, I get the feeling that you are confused about the appropriate roles you should play in various situations. One small bit of advice: Your stone-wall imitation should be used when I am mounting and your speed-walker imitation when I suggest that we proceed on our way, not vice versa. Please also understand that jumping is meant to be a mutual endeavour. By "mutual", I mean that we are supposed to go over the jump together. You were purchased to be a mount, not a catapult.

I know the world is a scary place when your eyes are on the sides of your head, but I did spend a significant amount of money to buy you, and I have every intention of protecting that investment. Therefore, please consider the following when you are choosing the appropriate behaviour for a particular situation:

When I put your headcollar on you, attach one end of a lead rope to the headcollar, and tie the other end of the lead rope to a post or ring or whatever, I am indicating a desire for you to remain in that locale. I would also like the headcollar, lead rope, post, etc., to remain intact. While I admit that things like sudden loud noises can be startling, I do not consider them to be acceptable excuses for repeatedly snapping expensive new lead ropes (or headcollars or posts) so that you can run madly around the yard creating havoc in your wake. Such behaviour is not conducive to achieving that important goal that I know we both share --- decreasing the number of times the veterinarian comes out to visit you.

By the same token, the barn aisle was not designed for the running of the Derby and is not meant to serve as a racetrack. Dragging me down the aisle in leaps and bounds is not how "leading" is supposed to work, even if someone happens to drop a saddle on the floor as we're passing. Pulling loose and running off is also discouraged (although I admit it does allow you to run faster).

I assure you that blowing pieces of paper do not eat horses. While I realize you are very athletic, I do not need a demonstration of your ability to jump 25 feet sideways from a standing start while swapping ends in midair, nor am I interested in your ability to emulate both a racehorse and a bucking bronco while escaping said piece of paper. Also, if the paper were truly a danger, it would be the height of unkindness to dump me on the ground in front of it as a sacrificial offering to expedite your escape.

When I ask you to cross a small stream, you may safely assume that said stream does not contain crocodiles, sharks, or piranhas, nor will it be likely to drown you. (I have actually seen horses swimming, so I know it can be done.) I expect you to be prepared to comply with the occasional request to wade across some small body of water. Since I would like to be dry when we reach the other side of the stream, deciding to roll when we're halfway across is not encouraged behaviour.

I give you my solemn oath that the trailer is nothing but an alternate means of transportation for distances too long for walking. It is not a lion's den or a dragon's maw, nor will it magically transform into such. It is made for horses, and I promise you that you will indeed fit into your assigned space. Please also bear in mind that I generally operate on a schedule, and wherever we're going, I would really like to get there today.

For the last time, I do not intend to abandon you to a barren, friendless existence. If I put you in a turn-out paddock, I promise that no predators will eat you, and I will come back in due time to return you to your stable. It is not necessary to run in circles, whinny pathetically, threaten to jump the fence, or paw at the gate. Neither your stable mates nor I will have left the premises. The other horses standing peacefully in adjacent paddocks amply demonstrate that it is possible to enjoy being turned out for exercise.

Finally, in closing, my strong and gentle companion, I would like to point out that, whatever might happen between horses and their people, we humans will always love you. In fact, our bonds with you help create new bonds among ourselves, even with total strangers. Wherever there are horses, there will be "horse people", and for the blessings you bestow upon us, we thank you.

Most sincerely yours,

Your Adoring Owner

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How today went .....(the day after the news)

I had already taken a vacation day today so I decided to just keep it and not go into work. We tried to use today as a completely relaxed day, trying not to think about anything medical at all. (doesn't happen btw) The kids were all gone, Brandon and Chelsea went down to Madison to watch their high school basketball team that went to State (woohoo...good for them....go North). Little Lindsay of course was at school.

We tried really hard to keep things off our minds...did some cleaning...tied some halters...played most of the day on facebook...all in all just tried to stay busy.

It would be really nice to just go back to normal....then again what exactly is normal?

The weekend is supposed to be nice as far as weather so I plan on spending a lot of time out by Danny.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Health Update...Wed...

We just got back from the appointment in Appleton with the surgeon. He said that yes Jim needs the surgery a.s.a.p. He refused to do the surgery because being that it will be the 4th open heart surgery it is way to risky to do the surgery. This surgeon is one of the best in Wisconsin and he still won't do it. So that means that there is no one in Wisconsin or Illinois that will be willing to take the risk and do this surgery. As far as the other route in Chicago, that one isn't going to work for this type of situation.

So for now all they can and will do is monitor the aneurysm and hope it doesn't grow fast so we can continue to search for a surgeon that will be willing to do such a risky surgery.

The reason the surgery is so risky is because of all the scare tissue that is there from the last three surgeries. It is too difficult to decipher what is what once you get in there and also because the scare tissue will cause major bleeding that is extremely hard to control and stop (which is exactly what almost killed him during the last surgery).

They have also cancelled the cardiac cath that was scheduled for 9:00am. tomorrow, they said it doesn't pay to put him through more stuff when the surgery isn't going to happen (at least not yet it isn't) It really has to because if it's growing fast it could rupture at any time or of it's growing slow we have approximately 6 months to find a surgeon to do the surgery.

That's all for now!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Health Update....Monday

Well the cardiologist called this morning and actually had good news....there is a new procedure that he would like Jim to do instead since he is at such a high risk if he were to have the full blown surgery. He's not saying he can do this for sure but it would be much less risk of him dieing on the table. His appointment with the surgeon in Appleton is Wed. afternoon. Between now and that appointment the doctor is going to research this new route more thoroughly. If all goes well, he will give the ok to go ahead with the new procedure. One small thing is that if they do this new procedure it won't be in Appleton it would be in Illinois at the same hospital that he had his last open heart surgery. It's an awesome hospital but it sucks being so far away.....If they do it there he would probably only be there a few days.

Here are the two different scenarios that could happen:

1. Appleton....chest cracked open on the side.....6 hour surgery......5 days in ICU....few more days in regular hospital......possible rehab at a nursing home.

2. Chicago.....procedure is much less of a risk.....1 hour or so surgery.....procedure is just like a cardiac cath where they go in through your groin and don't have to crack your time in ICU......maybe a few days in hospital......minimal rehab at home.

Between now and Wed. he needs to be very careful and not be under any stress. He also has to do blood work, an ultrasound and a cardiac cath.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Health Update:

Ok here goes.....Like he has been for a while now, jim's in a lot of pain I finally convince him to go to his doctor and demand some answers, so he did....yesterday he took a CT Scan test and they found a large Aortic Aneurysm which is close to rupturing.

Here's a definition so you have some idea of what it is and what's happening:

An aortic aneurysm is a weakened and bulging area in the aorta, the major blood vessel that feeds blood to the body. The aorta, about the thickness of a garden hose, runs from your heart through the center of your chest and abdomen. Because the aorta is the body's main supplier of blood, a ruptured aortic aneurysm can cause life-threatening bleeding. Although you may never have symptoms, finding out you have an aortic aneurysm can be frightening.

Most small and slow-growing aortic aneurysms don't rupture, but large, fast-growing aortic aneurysms may. Depending on the size and rate at which the aortic aneurysm is growing, treatment may vary from watchful waiting to emergency surgery. Once an aortic aneurysm is found, doctors will closely monitor it so that surgery can be planned if it's necessary. Emergency surgery for a ruptured aneurysm can be risky.

Jim's is in his chest area....which means he will again have his chest cracked like he did the last 3 heart surgeries...only this time they are not going to go in from the front they plan to go in on the side of his rib's still cracking his chest just in a new area (yeah great).

He will be having this done next week (possibly right away on Monday) at St. Elizabeth's in Appleton. He will most likely be there for a week or so just like his other heart surgeries.

This surgery in itself is very risky and on top of it Jim's other health problems make it 100 times more risky!

I will update more info as I know it myself!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I found a new toy I want really bad....

It's a Canon EOS 20D......

Takes awesome action shots...

Here's a few pictures a friend off one of my groups took.

Totally crisp and clear!

This camera kicks butt.......I want one!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What I bought at the tack sale...

Ok.....well like expected, I didn't stick to the list (how could anyone anyways.....hehe) I did however, get what I needed.......I found an awesome leather's Amish made......found Lindsay a new show shirt for this year (now she has 4).....we found her 2 show belts......

Ok that's what we got that was 'needed' for the not needed but sort of needed........we got Danny a sleazy (horse pj's so they stay clean before shows) and matching tail bag.....a grooming box......a rack to go on the outside of the stall at fair to hang bridles and other things.......maroon colored splint boots for Danny......

Ok now for the not at all needed but bought anyways....hehe......I splurged and bought myself a new purse (been looking for one)......bought Chelsea a the girls a couple key chains.......and I found a few horsey picture frames like I wanted.......and a pair of jeans.

I did pretty good considering I could have gone nuts and bought a lot more.

Anyway, considering we are not going to go to Midwest Horse Fair in Madison this year I tried to get everything needed for showing and Fair this year......we should be all set now!

Friday, March 6, 2009

This is cute...I found this at one of my groups.....

The Incomplete List of Trail Rider Terms & Definitions:
By Vo Clark (with additions by some other trail folk, this is why it's called The Incomplete List of Trail Rider Terms & Definitions)

Arachniphobic Horseback Fit:
Usually affects only the lead horse and rider on a ride. Generally the horse could care less. Symptoms include the rider frantic swatting at the air and body, ducking, flailing about, etc. usually accompanied by screaming and shouts of, "Get it off me! Get it off me!".

Trail Rider’s Turrets Syndrome:
Closely resembles an Arachniphobic Fit, but usually accompanied by profuse shouted swearing.

They do exist….. Only seen by horses though. They dwell under bridges, behind trees, under bushes, behind fallen logs, rocks, around blind corners, under that tiny leaf in the middle of the trail, etc. and will pop up unexpectedly to spook your mount at the most inopportune times. You may not see it, but your horse KNOWS it’s there and will tell you in any manner he can by either startling, leaping forward, rearing, bucking, spinning, or just by generally buggering and blowing or even all of the above.

Horse Killing Squirrels, Ferocious Chickadees and Other Tiny Creatures:
Some horses are immune to the affects of the presence of these terrifying animals, while others are sure they are going to be murdered and eaten by them. No absolute proof of this yet. These horses are positive these creatures are in league with Trolls.

Mountain Bikers, Joggers, Hikers, Dog Walkers, Etc.:
These are larger versions of Killer Squirrels and Trolls to some horses. They just smell like people. Other horses think they are put on that trail for them so they can get petted or to be used as horsie vending machines for goodies.

Thingamajig Whatchyamacallit Thingy:
Covers a variety of horse related objects for use on the trail or at the trailer, but when asked for, most trail riders know exactly what it is.

The Crackling Of A Wrapper:
Either your horse will bolt and freak out, sure that a troll made the sound, or he will stop dead (causing a pile up of horses behind as horses do not have brake lights) and swing his head around, expecting you to share whatever it is you are opening.

The Fallen Log:
Even if it is only inches tall, some horses will attempt to clear it like it was a 5 foot stadium jump. These are the same horses who will refuse a real stadium jump at a local show. Others will refuse the log, but gracefully leap out of their pasture fencing at home.

The Mud Puddle:
No matter how shallow you know it is, your horses knows more than you and it IS a 10 foot deep pond that must be skirted due to the resident lake monster dwelling within it (related to trolls).

A must for every rider. Not just for protecting the head during a fall, but for keeping from being clocked in the head by the branch the rider ahead of you pushed through and let spring back at you. Perhaps a full suit of armor may also aid in this problem.

EPGS - Equine Pile Guidance System:
A system designed to help horses track who else has been on the trail or to find their way back to the trailer if needed. Maybe cousin Buck passed through recently? The only way to use this system correctly is to sniff every pile they see and leave piles of their own. The EPGS is more popular with the younger, new-to-trail-riding group but some of the old hands like to use it also.

The Roc: (idea contributed by Shortlady5, Idaho)
Actually a helicopter or a low flying airplane, your horse is positive it is a mythical roc-bird out looking for horsemeat. He will duck, spin and try to avoid the loud beast at all costs, or he will freeze in a "deer-in-the-headlights" pose, hoping the winged beast won't see him. Some horses will ignore this mechanical contraption and continue on their merry way. These horses are usually pastured near an airport of some sort.

The Winn. Co. 4H Tack Sale is tomorrow.....I can't wait......woohoo cheap horsey stuff!!! hehe....'s is the list of stuff I need. I will check back here tomorrow night and we'll see if I got everything and if I stuck to the list <----- HaHaHa NOT! Me stick to the list when it comes to horse stuff........good one! I will give it effort though!'s the list:

Leather show halter for Danny <--most important thing on this list
Show belt for Lindsay
Show shirts for Lindsay
Model horse stuff: Arab Halter / Arab Costume / Western Show Halter
Breeches for Lindsay and Mom <--not really needed but nice to have more

I also want to look for horsey like picture frames. <--not needed just wanted