Monday, September 10, 2007

A couple firsts for me....

Well I did it, I actually cantered, it wasn't intentional at first but then after it happened I wanted to do it again. I went out to my sisters house and rode with her. We rode her horses, so my first canter wasn't on Danny, but that's ok I still did it and it was fun. I can't wait to canter with Danny.

Another first I had this weekend out at my sisters was my first ever trail ride (again not on Danny, on one of her horses) and it was awesome. We didn't go too far just up and back down the road but it was still a blast and so peaceful all I could hear was the horses hoofs on the road the weather was perfect not too hot and not too cool. <------ Another thing I can't wait to do with Danny.

We had a very nice weekend, all of my family was there unexpectedly and we turned it into a nice little family get-together. The kids all played with their cousins, rode the horses and went swimming. We picked pears for canning and cooked out. It was very nice.