Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's been forever again......sorry.......

Well.....oh much to tell that's been going on since the last time I was on here......the first and best thing is that I moved Danny to a bigger and much better barn.....I think he thinks he's at a resort now......he has a brand new stall....dressage size indoor arena...with excellent footing...heated barn.....huge outdoor arena....round pen...5 pastures to rotate in...and more then 9 miles of groomed trails to ride with out ever having to leave the property. The place is all brand new and we all just love it! He seems like a different's great! He did have a little episode though the other day....he was in with a few horses and doing just fine then they let in a 3rd horse and that horse wanted to play by chasing Danny....well Danny would have none of that and freaked out....ran, jumped and cleared a 5 foot gate then ended up in a pasture he's never been in before and ran right into a fence (didn't know it was there)....he ended up with a scrape on his face and a few scrapes on his legs...but healed nicely in just a few days. No need for the vet to come out at all. The people at the barn were very impressed with his jump (I didn't even know he could)...the other exciting thing that happened is that the girls and I rode him bareback.....he did great......our new bareback pad should be coming via Fed Ex either today or tomorrow....going to ride again tonight with or with out the pad....just can't trot with out it.....I won't put his saddle on him until he gains the weight back that he lost over the winter so bareback we will ride for a while....maybe even all summer....which is fine with me I like riding it will make me and the girls better riders with balance and things.

Other then that things are pretty busy with the gardening and 4H stuff.....fair is sneaking up on us fast :)

Oh yeah....I took Danny to a show a few weeks ago and I actually won 6th place out of 12 was a showmanship class...I thought it was the greatest first show was Lindsay's first show too with Double Time and she took a 6th place and a 4th place......she was wayyyy excited......she has another show this Wed.

OK I think that's it for now.....I will try to keep this updated a little more often from now on!