Monday, April 26, 2010

5K Run this weekend.....

Yep that's right.......I'm gonna run a 5K......well Chelsea and I are going to run it together. It's for a memorial for Kyle, Chelsea's good friend that recently passed away. I'm pretty proud of myself considering I never before would have even dreamed of running a 5K or any sort of run. Quitting smoking a year and a half ago totally changed my life. One of the best decisions I've ever made! Wish us luck........and hope it doesn't rain.

4-H Horse meeting went well tonight.....

Here we go......this coming weekend kicks off the hectic horse clinic/show/practice for the season. Saturday is the beginner horse show's mostly for kids that have never shown before....this I think is very showing is a pretty difficult thing to just jump into without help or knowing what your doing.....and believe me not too many folks are willing to jump in and help out. Anyway Lindsay and Brooke are going to be doing this clinic because Lindsay is still pretty new to showing and Brooke has never shown before.

The 15th is a barrel racing this one I'm not missing for anything.....this is right where I need to be! hehe.......should be fun!

First real show of the year is May 22nd. (this is the show I went in a few years ago with Danny and actually placed.....we were excited) Lindsay will be showing this will be her first show with Star. Ohhhhh here come the mom nerves know I know they will be fine!

..........and the list goes on......will update as it all goes!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day pranks......

Ok.....I've managed to find every nasty looking plastic/rubber bug we've ever owned....grrrrr.....Lindsay is having a good ol time with me tonight.......there was one on my laptop.....on the toilet seat.....she stuck one on my cell phone and then called darn things are everywhere......I have to admit though I got both my girls good tonight......I pulled the rubber band on the faucet sprayer on both of them......hahaha it was great......of course it ended up a mess cuz my kids just get soaked then jump out of the way and let the water go all over the kitchen instead of turning it off after getting! I sooooo wish I could have got it all on video though....would have been good!