Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What we've been doin'......

Things have been good this last couple weeks.....Danny is healed nicely now.....we've been riding him bareback at least 3 times a week......the new bareback pad is working out very well. I trotted him last night in it and it's much more comfortable on the bones then with out... :)

Lindsay showed Double Time (the mini she leases) at the 4H Fun Show last week and took a 5th Place. She was very happy with that........Double Time was being bratty!

Chelsea has been working hard on her photography projects lately (finally) lol..........She's doing good.....getting a little bit of everything and has about 800 pictures so far to use.

We went and picked Strawberries on Saturday, made some jam and regular strawberries in syrup.....then the girls helped me can them all.......we got a way lot more then we needed, but they had a blast doing it and eating them as we picked.....I ate so many picking that I drove home with a gut ache.