Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bummed out re: Holiday Parade this year! :(

We're not going to be in it as planned for all this time now.....and I was sooooo prepared! Grrrrrrr.....anyway, my children informed me that they don't want to do it! Well Chelsea has a "sort of" mandatory soccer mtg that same night, which doesn't bother me besides the fact that she went off on me about needing to be there this time and not go to the one that's in March (which is the same thing and is put in place so in case you missed this one you can go to that one) I knew she wasn't real interested in the parade anyways, but Lindsay I thought really was into going and riding in and just being in the holiday parade....I mean come on, not just anybody can be in it you know. It's a cool thing, dern it!!! Well, yep I asked her straight up last night if she wanted to still do it and if so I would figure out a way to still do it and she said, "ya know mom, I don't really want to. I don't want to ride him and I'm too short for people to see if I just walked him so, no I don't want to"! I guess I really need to stop trying to live life through or for my kids. Gatta face it, they just don't have the same interests in the horse that I do.......I would have thought a kid would think it was great that they could ride their very own horse in the town holiday parade. Hummmm guess not!

I would take him myself but as stated above.....I have "mandatory" soccer meeting I must be not only can I not be in it we can't even go watch it if we wanted to! Schools these days! I tell ya! Huh.....ok I think I'm done venting and feeling sorry for myself. :) I will feel better after I spend my quality riding time with Danny tonight!