Sunday, April 29, 2007

4H Fun Day / Riding Lessons / Danny Update

4H Fun Day:

Saturday after Chelsea's soccer practice we went to the 4H Fun Day. It was fun, but would have been much more fun if we would have signed up to do some of the hands on things.......We did get to watch the Saddle Up class which was interesting. They explained all the parts of the horse and both English and Western saddles and bridles, what their functions are and showed how to put them on properly on an actual horse. We also popped into the Model Horse area so that Chelsea could see some of the different ways to set things up. This is Chelsea's first year in the Model Horse project.

Riding Lessons:

The girls and I had our riding lessons today. Brandon came along to watch. All went very well. Lindsay trotted on the lunge line for the first time today. She had tons of fun and is still talking about it. Chelsea did very well as usual, she did have a bit of excitement though, the lesson horse shied and spooked a little bit, just a little jump and a fast turn, she rode right through it awesome, didn't fall off and didn't get too scared about it. All and all it was a very good experience for her, because things like that will happen and they are always unexpected. I then had my lesson and trotted for almost a solid hour and believe me my butt is gonna pay for it tomorrow. :o)

Danny Update:
I called to see how Danny was doing and he is doing good. The other mare still hasn't had her foal yet but we are all patiently waiting....very patiently! I can't wait to get him to start working on ground work and start riding our own horse for lessons and practicing.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


It's official, "Danny" is ours!!! I bought him last night. WOOHOO!!!! We are soooooooo extremely excited. We unfortunately can not bring him home for a few more weeks though. He's right now busy keeping a mare in foal company so she stays calm before the birth. The mare is due May 4th and as soon as the foal is on the ground we can go get Danny and bring him home. That's really ok with me though, we have a lot of little preparations to do before he comes home. The girls are still undecided on what color halters and other little items they would like. I'm sooooooo unbelievably happy, he is such a good boy. He will take good care of the girls I just know it. Lindsay already figured out that he likes Trix.....she had a bag she brought along for the long car ride the other day and she fed him a few. He was so friendly he even stuck his head right in the truck so that my husband would rub his head. He's so awesome! We love him already!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Horse & Pony Meeting / New videos posted

Tonight we have are regular monthly 4H Horse & Pony meeting. (The one the kids say is sooooo boring) LOL ...... Well I guess I can see how they would be boreing for the kids, but it's something we have to do........and they learn things whether they think so or not.

I added a couple videos of Lindsay riding "Danny". I would have pictures and videos of Chelsea and myself but by the time I remembered that I had even brought the cameras we were done riding. Hopefully we will be buying him and then we will have lots of pictures and videos of all of us. Enjoy the videos!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A horse we are looking at to buy...

This is "Danny". He's perfect in my eyes. He has the perfect attitude, has spunk but not more than we can handle. Both girls and I rode him and little Lindsay even rode him bareback. (I have that on video that I will try to upload here later) Here are a few pictures of Lindsay and Danny. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Our Old Horses

I thought I would post some pictures of our old horses before I started posting all sorts of pictures of whichever "new" horse we get.

This is "Duncan"


This is a horse my daughter had leased for about a year. They are at the 2004 Christmas Parade here in our hometown. Arn't they cute all dressed up for Christmas.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Going to look at a horse......

I just got off the phone with a woman selling a Black and White Paint Tobianio gelding. Sounds like this one could be perfect for us. All the needed elements are there and the price is right too. The girls and I are very excited. We are going to see and ride it Sunday. WooHoo !!! Wish us luck!


Hello, I just built this blog this evening. Enjoy all our wonderful and fun moments with everything we do with Horses and all our other 4H projects.